Sonographic Determination of Normal Spleen Size in Turkish Adults

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Medih Çeliktas; Sema Özandaç; Pinar Göker & Memduha Gülhal Bozkir


The current study was undertaken to determine normal spleen dimensions and anthropometric evaluation by ultrasonography from females and males in our population. These measurements were taken using an ultrasonography. The mean values of the age, height, weight and body mass index (BMI) of subjects, spleen width (SW), spleen length (SL), spleen thickness (ST) and spleen volume calculated with elipsoid formula; length x width x thickness x 0.524 were taken. These measurements were found to be 36.37±10.83 years, 164.22±4.72 cm, 60.26±7.11 kg, 22.30±2.09 kg/m2, 7.58±1.56 cm, 9.87±1.28 cm, 3.34±0.79 cm and 136.05±61.14 cm3 in females respectively. Additionally, in males same dimensions were 40.50±12.77 years, 174.41±6.57 cm, 76.33±8.54 kg, 25.06±2.10 kg/m2, 8.75±1.84 cm, 11.01±1.186 cm, 4.12±1.09 cm and 220.70±115.35 cm3 respectively. The observations presented in this report have defined anatomic parameters about spleen size that need to be taken into consideration for reference data to determine population discrepancies and helpful for radiologists and clinicians.

KEY WORDS: Spleen length; Spleen width; Spleen thickness; Spleen volume.

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ÇELIKTAS, M.; ÖZANDAÇ, S.; GÖKER, P. & BOZKIR, M. G. Sonographic determination of normal spleen size in Turkish adults. Int. J. Morphol., 33(4):1401-1405, 2015.