Polymeric Nanoparticles in Dermocosmetic

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Bahamonde-Norambuena, D.; Molina-Pereira, A.; Mario Cantin; Muñoz, M.; Katherine Zepeda & Cristian Vilos


Recent advances in the fields of biomaterials and nanotechnology have allowed the development of advanced nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Despite a vast number of nanostructures such as liposomes, solid­lipid nanocapsules, polymeric and hybrid lipid­polymer nanoparticles have been studied as carriers for drug delivery for different pathologies with remarkable promising results; the use of polymeric nanoparticles in dermocosmetic still has not been widely explored. The evolution of cosmetic into the care skin and dermatology represents novel technological challenges. Also, the increasing knowledge about normal skin physiology and advances in nanotechnology provide an attractive environment for the creation of innovative dermocosmetic formulations. In this work, we discuss the state of the art of polymeric nanoparticles formulated for dermocosmetics, its mechanisms of action, and diffusion into the skin.

KEY WORDS: Nanotechnology; Polymeric nanoparticles; Cutaneous morphology; Cosmetic; Dermocosmetic.

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BAHAMONDE-NORAMBUENA, D.; MOLINA-PEREIRA, A.; CANTIN, M.; MUÑOZ, M.; ZEPEDA, K. & VILOS, C. Polymeric nanoparticles in dermocosmetic. Int. J. Morphol., 33(4):1563-1568, 2015.