Acromial Morphometric Analysis Using Imaging Software

DOI : 999
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Lucas Fernandes Crahim; Akinori Cardozo Nagato; Carolina de Lourdes Julião Vieira Rocha; Marco Aurélio dos Santos Silva; Ana Carla Balthar Bandeira; Tereza Aparecida Ferreira & Frank Silva Bezerra


The aim of this study was to accurately measure acromial morphology in order to describe the anatomical patterns of its subtypes and to conduct a survey of the literature regarding the relationships between morphological subtypes and their related diseases. We photographed scapulae from the Institute of Anatomy, University Severino Sombra, and analyzed the images using Image-J Software®. The average acromial angle was 139.23° ± 2.781, with no significant difference between the right and left sides. There was a positive correlation between the acromial angle and the angle of the spine of the scapula. The correlation mentioned above plays an important role in disorders of the shoulder-particularly impingement syndrome-which reinforces the importance of acromial morphology studies.

KEY WORDS: Acromial morphology; Acromioclavicular; Impingement syndrome; Morphometry.

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CRAHIM, L. F.; NAGATO, A. C.; ROCHA, C. L. J. V.; SILVA, M. A. S.; BANDEIRA, A. C. B.; FERREIRA, T. A. & BEZERRA, F. S. Acromial morphometric analysis using imaging software. Int. J. Morphol., 31(1):345-350, 2013.