The Human Body Known Through the Renovated Museum of Anatomy From the Faculty of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto

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Giovani Antônio Rodrigues; Pedro Franco Ferreira; Bianca Carrilho Morando; João Paulo Mardegan Issa & Mamie Mizusaki Iyomasa


The present work aimed to preserve anatomical specimens to improve the quality of education, prepare supporting materials, and present lectures on the anatomy of the nervous system for public school students. Anatomical specimens related to the nervous system were photographed and named, and acrylic containers filled with formaldehyde were made for the accommodation of these specimens. After research on the subject a handbook and a banner were prepared, enriching the collections of the museum along with the anatomical specimens, in addition to the lecture and video available on " ". Meetings between the students, the teachers involved, and the members of the Secretariat of Education of Ribeirao Preto defined schools, dates, times, and duration for the lectures. A great interest and curiosity on the part of the students who attended the lectures has led to the identification of the structures of the body and correlated them with their functions as well as some of the most common illnesses. This project also explained doubts about psychotropic drugs, which in Brazil are highly diffused and awakened reflection on the importance of prevention of diseases and the risk of drugs to their users. It is concluded that the present work has enabled the extension of acquired university knowledge for the community of this city, securing the principles of culture and extension.

KEY WORDS: Neuroanatomy; Museum; Learning; Culture and extension.

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RODRIGUES, G. A.; FERREIRA, P. F.; MORANDO, B. C.; ISSA, J. P. M. & IYOMASA, M. M. The human body known through the renovated museum of anatomy from the faculty of dentistry of Ribeirão Preto. Int. J. Morphol., 33(3):1078-1084, 2015.