Biometric Study of the Reproductive Organs of Three Breeds of Sheep in Nigeria

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Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim; Jibril Aliyu; Rabi Muhammad Ashiru & Mustapha Jamilu


A comparative study of testicular biometry was done in rams using three major breeds of sheep in Nigeria. Biometrical parameters observed were scrotal circumference (SC), testes weight (TW), testes length (TL), tunica albuginea weight (TAW), testes volume (TV), testes density (TD), epididymal weight (EW), epididymal length (EL), caput (CA), corpus (CO), cauda weight (CU), epididymal volume (EV) and epididymal density (ED). The results showed significant differences (p<0.05) between the Uda, Balami and Yankasa breed in the SC, TW, TV, EW, EL, CA, CO, CU, and EV. The Uda had significantly higher (p<0.05) values in most of the parameters examined than the two other breeds. A bilateral symmetry was observed for Uda and Balami in testes weight and testes volume. It was concluded that the testicular biometry of Uda and Balami observed are suggestive of high spermatozoa per unit mass of the testes and epididymis and subsequently higher fertility, and these biometry can be used by farmers in selecting good breeding animals for genetic improvement.

KEY WORDS: Sheep; Testicular; Epididymal; Breeds; Scrotal circumference.

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IBRAHIM, A. A.; ALIYU, J.; ASHIRU, M. & JAMILU, M. Biometric study of the reproductive organs of three breeds of sheep in Nigeria. Int. J. Morphol., 30(4):1597-1603, 2012.