Morphological Characteristics and Maturity Status of Young Female Sprint and Slalom Kayakers

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Fernando Alacid; José María Muyor; Raquel Vaquero & Pedro Ángel López-Miñarro


The aim of this study was to describe and compare the kinanthropometric characteristics, maturity status, somatotype and proportionality between young female sprint and slalom kayakers. Fifty young female kayakers (26 sprint; 24 slalom), aged 13 and 14 years old, were assessed using a battery of 29 anthropometric dimensions. Body fat, somatotypes, Phantom Z-scores and maturity status expressed as the time to/from the age of peak height velocity were calculated. Sprint kayakers were taller and had a higher sitting height than slalom kayakers, these differences could be explained by the greater maturity status in the sprint paddlers group. Proportionality values were similar in most of the variables analysed. Mean somatotypes were best described as mesomorphy endomorph in both groups, while slalom kayakers exhibited a higher heterogeneity. The data provided in this study could be used as a guideline for talent identification in sprint and slalom female kayakers.

KEY WORDS: Anthropometry, Somatotype; Proportionality; Canoeing.

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ALACID, F.; MUYOR, J. M.; VAQUERO, R. & LÓPEZ-MIÑARRO, P. A. Morphological characteristics and maturity status of young female sprint and slalom kayakers. Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):895-901, 2012.