A Morphological and Biometric Study of the Infraorbital Foramen (E2 - Sibai Point) in Adult Skulls

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0717-95022012000300036
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Oliveira Junior, E. M. de; Moreira, R. T.; Neto, B. L.; Silva, C. M. F. da & Lima, F. J. C.


The objective of this work was to study the morphology and biometry of the infraorbital foramen (FIO), variations in its shape, size and number as well as to obtain measurements of its location. 60 dry skulls were analyzed. The test of Qui-quadrant and the T Test were used in measurements with a 5% significance. On the right side, the FIO was measured at a distance of 6.49(±1.68) mm from the lower, 39.65(±3) mm from the upper, 17.7(±2.97) mm from the medial and 20.46(±2.9) mm from the lateral margin of the orbit; its pear-shaped opening distance was 13.67(±2.17) mm. On the left side, the distance of the FIO to the lower margin of the orbit was 6.52(±1.82) mm; to the upper margin was 39.9(±2.62) mm and to the lateral and medial margin were 17.93(±2.58) mm and 21.12(±3) mm, respectively; its distance to the pear-shaped opening was 14.26(±1.83) mm. It was found predominately in an oval shape, in 39 (65%) of the skulls, on both sides. Accessory foramens were present in 11 samples on the right and in 15 samples on the left side. The FIO was most frequently found on the side of, or laterally to the sagittal plane that passes through the middle of the supraorbital foramen/ incisures, in 38 skulls (63.3%) on the right side and in 45 skulls (75%) on the left and middle to the zigomatic-maxillary suture, in 41 skulls (68.3%) on right and in 42 skulls (70%) on the left side, besides being most frequently found in a region between the first and second premolars, in 22 skulls (36.7%) on the right side and in 17 skulls (28.3%) on the left.

KEY WORDS: Infraorbital foramen (E2-Sibai Point); Acupuncture; Biometry.

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OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, E. M. de; MOREIRA, R. T.; NETO, B. L.; SILVA, C. M. F. da & LIMA, F. J. C. A. Morphological and biometric study of the infraorbital foramen (E2-Sibai point) in adult skulls. Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):986-992, 2012.