Biometrical Characteristics of Anterior Choroidal Artery in its Cisternal Segment

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Eduardo Mandiola; Eduardo Alarcón; Carolina Montero; Marcos Pulleghini; Mariano del Sol; Enrique Olave & Juan C. Oñate


The clinical implications of occlusive processes in the anterior choroidal artery (AChA) are of considerable importance and have motivated us to perform a biometrical analysis of the afore mentioned artery including new biometric parameters (measurements). This study was perfomed on vascularized brains that were both fixed with for formalin solution and injected whith red tinted latex and brains that were not fixed with formalin solution, which were obtained from the Medical Legal Service, Santiago. They were observed using a luminescent 4 X magnifying glass and the measurements perfomed using a Mitutoyo Digital Caliper. This artery originated from the internal carotid artery (ICA) in 83.3 % of the cases observed, and in 16.7 % it originated from the posterior communicating artery ( PCoA). The mean caliber (diameter) of the artery was 0.68 ± 0.31 mm at the point of origin; the middle third was 0.60 mm ± 0.21 mm; at the point of entry into the choroidal plexus it was 0.48 mm ± 0.23 mm. The mean length from its origin at the AChA to the choroidal plexus was 28.67 mm ± 6.33 mm; the mean distance from its origin at the PCoAwas 6.97mm± 4.89 mm. The number of perforating branches of the AChA was 6. Our results can be considered a clinical contribution.

KEY WORDS : Anterior choroidal artery ; Biometry; Cephalix index; Internal carotid artery.

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MANDIOLA, E.; ALARCÓN, E.; MONTERO, C.; PULLEGHINI, M.; DEL SOL, M.; OLAVE, E. & OÑATE, J. C. Biometrical characteristics of anterior choroidal artery in its cisternal segment. Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):1050-1055, 2012.