Incidence of Sutural Bones at Asterion in Adults Indians Skulls

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Rajani Singh


Asterion is the point of sutural confluence observed in normal lateralis of the skull where parietal, temporal and occipital bone meet. Present study was carried out in the Department of Anatomy, CSM Medical University, Lucknow using fifty five dry human skulls to analyse the incidence of sutural bones at the asterion and its variation. At the asterion, sutural morphology was classified into two types: Type I- Where a sutural bone was present and Type II- Where a sutural bone was absent. Among 27 female skulls, percentage of Type I Asterion was found to be 14.81 and Type II contributed to 85.19%. 17.86 % asterion were classified as Type I and 82.14% as Type II in male skulls. The examination of 55 skulls (male and female together) brought out 16.36% Type I and 83.64% Type II asterions. Sutural morphology of asterion is essential in surgical approaches to posterior cranial fossa. Presence of sutural bones at asterion may complicate the surgical orientation. Therefore, the study has been carried out to alert the neurosurgeons. This work may also be useful to anthropologists and forensic science experts in having preliminary idea about male or female skull.

KEY WORDS: Asterion; Sutural bones; Skull; Parietal; Occipital.

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SINGH, R. Incidence of sutural bones at asterion in adults indian skulls. Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):1182-1186, 2012.