Morphological Study of the Lips in a Colombian Population

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Sandra M. Galindo-Ramirez; Jessica Vargas & Mario Alejandro Ortiz


The aim of this research was to determine sexual dimorphism in lip characteristic in Colombian male and female population through a photogrammetric study. Frontal facial photographs, in 1 to 1 scale, from 120 Colombian persons without congenital or acquired lip alterations were evaluated. Using frontal landmarks, longitudinal dimensions of Upper Lip Height (Sn-Stms), Vermilion Height of the upper lip (Stms-Ls), Lower Lip Height (Stmi-Sml), Vermilion Height of the lower lip (Stmi-Li) and mouth width (ch-ch). J image software was user for phogrammetric analysis (NIH). For Stadistical analysis U Mann-Whitney test was used with SPSS 17.0, in order to determine sexual dimorphism in lip characteristic. No significant sexual dimorphism was found for vermilion height of the upper lip (Stms-Ls) nor vermillion height of the lower lip (Stmi-Li). Significan sexual dimorphism was found for Upper Lip Height (Sn-Stms), Lower Lip Height (Stmi-Sml) and mouth width (ch-ch). All longitudinal measurements were larger in male than female. There was sexual dimorphism in lip measurements in a Colombian population, when evaluated using phoptogrammetric methods.

KEY WORDS: Lip; Sex dimorphism; Vermillion.

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GALINDO-RAMIREZ, S. M.; VARGAS, J.; ORTIZ, M. A. Morphological study of the lips in a colombian population. Int. J. Morphol., 30(2):422- 424, 2012.