Dynamics of Stomach Growth in the Human Fetal Period - a Postmortem Study

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Bohdan Gworys; Slawomir Jeka; Radoslaw Brukiewa & Marcin Rymko


The aim of this work was to analyze the stomach growth rate, variability of proportion and shape during prenatal period, as well as evaluation of final features differentiation process distinctive for perinatal period. It seems interesting to compare stomach growth analyzed in situ on post-mortem fetuses with results obtained by other authors evaluating this process in sonographic examinations. Research was conducted on 225 post-mortem fetuses 12th to 40 th week of fetal age. There were measurements of stomach total length, lengths of greater and lesser curvature and cardia and pylorus widths performed. We evaluated the thickness of stomach front wall and bottom and its total mass. Statistical analysis was performed using statistical program package Statistica 8. Rate of post mortem examined stomach dimensions growth - estimated on the base of mean conditional values is characterized by diverse rhythm. Proportions variability during prenatal period results from disharmonic growth of its dimensions. There were no dysmorphic differences in process of fetal stomach growth and in dynamics of its proportions and shapes changes found. In fetal period marks clearly tendency to organ shape changes consistent with fetal age. Based on analysis performed - four stages of stomach growth in fetal period were distinguished: 1. Intensive growth phase last till 22th fetal week. 2. Formation of final stomach shape between 20th and 26th gestational age. 3. Phase of stomach topography changes between 26th and 30th gestational age. 4. Phase of harmonic growth lasts from 30th week until childbirth.

KEY WORDS: Stomach; Fetal development.

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GWORYS, B.; JEKA, S.; BRUKIEWA, R. & RYMKO, M. Dynamics of stomach growth in the human fetal period – a postmortem study. Int. J. Morphol., 30(2):461-466, 2012.