Testicular and Epididymal Parameters of Sahel Buck in the Humid Zone of Nigeria

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Oyeyemi, M. O.; Fayomi, A. P.; Adeniji D. Adejoke & Ojo K. Mary


The testicular and epididymal parameters of Sahel bucks in the humid zone of Nigeria was investigated. Twenty goats (30-54 months) weighing 23.48-32.03kg were used for the experiment. The scrotal circumference of the buck was measured. The bucks were then slaughtered and the testicles as well as the epididymides collected. The testicular weight, testicular diameter, testicular length and epididymal length were measured using a non-stretchable measuring tape. These parameters were correlated with one another and the values of the right testis and epididymis were compared with those of the left. The scrotal circumference was positively correlated with the testicular weight (r = 0.769, P<0.01), testicular diameter (r = 0.827, P<0.01), testicular length (r=0.671, P<0.05) and the epididymal length (r = 0.664, P<0.05). It was concluded that the scrotal circumference is a reliable guide in the selection of the sahel buck for breeding in the humid zone of Nigeria.

KEY WORDS: Testicular Parameter; Epididymal Parameter; Scrotal circumference; Reproduction; Sahel bucks.

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OYEYEMI, M. O.; FAYOMI, A. P.; ADENIJI, D. A. & OJO, K. M. Testicular and epididymal parameters of Sahel buck in the humid zone of Nigeria. Int. J. Morphol., 30(2):489-492, 2012.