Effect of Five Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of ABCG5 and ABCG8 Genes on Ezetimibe Lipid-Lowering Response

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José M. Caamaño; Nicolás Saavedra; Tomás Zambrano; Fernando Lanas & Luis A. Salazar


In this study we evaluated the possible association between five single nucleotide polymorphisms in ABCG5 (rs6720173) and ABCG8 (rs11887534, rs4148211, rs4148217 and rs6544718) genes and ezetimibe response in Chilean hypercholesterolemic subjects. A total of 60 non-related hypercholesterolemic subjects, aged 18 to 65 years old were included in this study. These subjects were treated with ezetimibe (10mg/day) during one month. The ABCG5 and ABCG8 genotypes were assessed by PCR-RFLP. The genotype distribution of the ABCG5/ABCG8 polymorphisms was in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Our results showed that the investigated polymorphisms were not associated with the response to ezetimibe. Nevertheless, the T allele of rs6544718 polymorphism was related to higher baseline levels of LDL-cholesterol (p<0.001). In addition, the G allele for the rs4148211 polymorphism was associated with greater baseline concentrations of triglycerides (P=0.019). This allele was also associated with lower concentrations of HDL-cholesterol (P=0.027), after ezetimibe treatment. Our results suggest that the studied polymorphisms do not affect the therapeutic response to ezetimibe in the evaluated subjects.

KEY WORDS: Ezetimibe; Cholesterol; ABCG5/G8; Polymorphisms.

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CAAMAÑO, J. M.; SAAVEDRA, N.; ZAMBRANO, T.; LANAS, F. & SALAZAR, L. A. Effect of five single nucleotide polymorphisms of ABCG5 and ABCG8 genes on ezetimibe lipid-lowering response. Int. J. Morphol., 30(2):688-695, 2012.