Study of Cephalic Index in Indian Students

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Vaishali Kiran Yagain; Shakunthala R. Pai; Sneha G. Kalthur; Chethan, P. & I. Hemalatha


Cephalic index is important parameter for deciding race and sex of an individual whose identity is unknown. Cephalic index and head shape are greatly affected by geographical, sex, age and racial factors. Present study aimed at working out cephalic index in Indian students. 100 students were taken as subjects and head length, head breadth were measured. Indian males had mean cephalic index of 77.92 and they were mesocephalic and females had mean cephalic index of 80.85 and they were brachycephalic. The comparison was statistically significant. The data is utmost important in forensic medicine, anthropology and in genetics.

KEY WORDS: Cephalic index; Head length; Head breadth; Anthropometry.

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YAGAIN, V. K.; PAI, S. R.; KALTHUR, S. G.; CHETHAN, P. & HEMALATHA, I. Study of cephalic index in Indian students. Int. J. Morphol., 30(1):125-129, 2012.