Craniometrical Studies on the Skull of Tibetan Gazelle (Procapra Picticaudata)

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Lei Zhu


A total of 10 skulls of Tibetan gazelle were utilized in this study. Craniometric measurements for 22 different parts of the skull were made. Skull indices and ratios were calculated. A skull index of 43.22±0.44, a cranial index of 58.37±0.80 and a facial index of 116.37±1.24 were obtained.

KEY WORDS: Craniometry; Skull; Procapra Picticaudata.

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ZHU, L. Craniometrical studies on the skull of Tibetan Gazelle (Procapra Picticaudata). Int. J. Morphol., 30(1):196-198, 2012.