Proximal Femoral Epiphysis Anatomy in Chilean Population. Orthopedic and Forensic Aspects

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Horacio Osorio; Karl Schorwer; César Coronado; Javier Delgado & Pedro Aravena


From a biomechanical standpoint, bone geometry and density are factors correlated to the bone resistance of the femur when supporting body weight, with geometric parameters like the diameter of the femoral head and neck, the length of the femoral neck, and the femoral neck angle as determinant factors in the incidence of hip fractures, which increase in frequency and seriousness in osteoporotic patients. In Chile, morphometric data that contributes to relating the anatomy of the proximal epiphysis of the femur as an associated factor in hip fractures does not exist; likewise, there are no anthropometric indexes that may contribute to the forensic sciences. The purpose of this study is to establish average measurements of the proximal epiphysis of the femur in the adult Chilean population. Descriptive Study. The proximal epiphyses of 81 dry adult femurs were analyzed (44 right and 37 left bones), measuring the following parameters: length of the femoral neck (LN), femoral neck angle (FNA), circumference of the femoral head (CH) and circumference of the femoral neck (CN). The statistical relationship between the measurements and the side of each sample was analyzed (t-test p=0.05). The average lengths were LN= 3.59cm (±0.43 cm); FNA= 124.17 (±6.37), CH= 14.34 cm (±1.27 cm) and CN= 9.7 cm (±0.87 cm). No significant differences between the left and right sides were found. Average numbers were obtained for the anatomy of the proximal femoral epiphysis from a sample in the Chilean population. With the data obtained, we propose to carry out anatomo-clinical, epidemiologic and forensic studies in this population.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Femur head; Femur neck; Hip fractures.

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OSORIO, H.; SCHORWER, K.; CORONADO, C.; DELGADO, J. & ARAVENA, P. Proximal femoral epiphysis anatomy in Chilean population. Orthopedic and forensic aspects. Int. J. Morphol., 30(1):258-262, 2012.