Incidence of metopism in adult Thai skulls.

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Kimaporn Khamanarong; Panya Tuamsuk; Worawut Woraputtaporn; Malivalaya Namking; Tarinee Sawatpanich; Yanyong Toomsan & Sitthichai Iamsaard


The persistent metopic suture on adult skull (also known as metopism) can confuse the clinicians during diagnosis of the frontal bone fractures in emergency conditions. The incidences of metopism have been documented in many populations except in Thais. Therefore, this study was aimed to determine the incidence of metopism in adult Thai skulls. The identified 706 Thai dried skulls (481 males and 225 females) were carried out for metopic suture observations. The results showed that 53 skulls (7.51%) were present of the metopic sutures. The metopism observed could be classified into major two types (complete metopic suture (20 skulls [2.83%]) and incomplete metopic suture (33 skulls [4.67%]). For the incomplete metopic suture could be further classified into two subtypes, bregma-incomplete metopic suture and nasion- incomplete metopic suture. This incidence maybe a basic information for Thai radiologists to concern about metopic suture in emergency diagnosis of frontal bone fractures.

KEY WORDS: Metopism; Metopic suture; Frontal bone.

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KHAMANARONG, K.; TUAMSUK, P.; WORAPUTTAPORN, W.; NAMKING, M.; SAWATPANICH, T.; TOOMSAN, Y. & IAMSAARD, S. Incidence of metopism in adult Thai skulls. Int. J. Morphol., 33(1):51-54, 2015.