Healing effect of ulmo honey (Eucryphia cordifolia) supplemented with ascorbic acid as treatment in burns.

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Carolina Schencke; Adriana Vasconcellos; Jessica Salvo; Carlos Veuthey & Mariano del Sol


Skin damage from burns creates favorable conditions for microorganism development, producing denaturation, necrosis, discharge, congestion and edema. Honey contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. At the same time ascorbic acid reduces the epidermal barrier and wound contraction, among others. The objective of this research was to morphologically evaluate wound healing with treatment based on Ulmo honey (E. cordifolia) supplemented with ascorbic acid, comparing its effect with unsupplemented Ulmo honey, in wounds caused by type B burns. The research was approved by the Scientific Ethics Committee of the Universidad de La Frontera. We worked with 15 guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) divided into three groups: SH (supplemented honey), H (honey), and Control + (Hydrogel- Tulle). A 1 cm diameter dry burn was caused on the back of the chest and covered the extent of the deep fascia. At day 10 of treatment, biopsies were removed and placed in PBS. They were subsequently fixed in buffered formalin and processed for histological purposes, with VGE, VGC, PAS, and Sirius Red techniques. The guinea pig was used as an animal model for having a metabolism dependent on ascorbic acid. The SH groupshowedarapiddebridement comparedtocontrolgroups, with epidermal closure in 60% of the samples, and advanced proliferative phase was observed. The H group did not regenerate epidermal layer and showed an initial proliferative phase. The results of this study showed that supplementing. Ulmo honey with ascorbic acid achieves faster healing when compared to unsupplemented Ulmo honey in wounds caused by burns.

KEY WORDS: Healing; Ulmo honey; Ascorbic acid; Burns.

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SCHENCKE, C.; VASCONCELLOS, A.; SALVO, J.; VEUTHEY, C. & DEL SOL, M. Efecto cicatrizante de la miel de Ulmo (Eucryphia cordifolia) suplementada con ácido ascórbico como tratamiento en quemaduras. Int. J. Morphol., 33(1):137-143, 2015.