Body mass index and volume of fat tissue of unemployed men in the Tuzla Canton.

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Alen Kapidzic; Sefik Hasukic; Jasmin Mehinovic; Almir Atikovic; Amra Nozinovic Mujanovic & Edin Mujanovic


The main objective of this study was to obtain information on indicators of obesity among the unemployed male subjects from the Tuzla Canton. Also, we wanted to determine whether there are significant differences in the observed parameters between subjects in relation to age. The main criterion for the selection of test subjects is that they are unemployed. This is because we felt that those persons have more free time for practicing sports and recreational activities, and there is a very small number of studies in the area of Tuzla Canton with the characteristics of the sample. For the purpose of this research we applied analysis of percentage/ratio, t-test for independent samples and the Mann-Whitney U Test. Applied analysis showed that the increased value of Body Mass Index (BMI) and to the account of increased amounts of body fat has 31.5% of the respondents. It also found that there are significant differences in the variables Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage (% FAT) and the total weight of fat mass (in kg) in the body (FATMAS-kg) in favor of the subjects belonging to the older age group. The results indicate the existence of the problem of obesity in males from Tuzla Canton, especially in the older age group. It is therefore necessary in adolescence or even earlier, to start with education and systematic practice of sports and recreational activities with respect to dietary habits.

KEY WORDS: Body Mass Index; Fat Tissue; Unemployed Men.

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KAPIDZIC, A.; HASUKIC, S.; MEHINOVIC, J.; ATIKOVIC, A.; MUJANOVIC, A. N. & MUJANOVIC, E. Body mass index and volume of fat tissue of unemployed men in the Tuzla Canton. Int. J. Morphol., 33(1):158-163, 2015.