Histological evaluation of the effects of borax obtained from different sources in different rat organs.

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0717-95022015000100040
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Mustafa Kabu; Murat Tosun; Bülent Elitok & Murat Sırrı Akosman


Boron is an essential element for life and intake via different sources into the body. Because effects of boron and compounds on the body has not been studied enough especially in tissue level, we planned this study to evaluate the effects of borax the most intaken form of boron compound on different intraabdominal organs histologically and also clinically. 42 male rats divided into equal 7 groups and different toxicological doses consistent with its LD50 dose (5000 mg/kg/d) were administered by gavage except control and sham groups. In the study, 2 different kinds of borax one of which was produced for research and the other for agriculture but the same formulation, were used and their effects were also compared. As a result it was found that borax did not cause any histological changes in kidney, large intestine, liver and stomach in lower doses. But if doses were increased, a slightly inflammatory cell migration was detected without clinical signs in liver and large intestine. However, when a single very high dose of borax was administered, very high edema, inflammatory cell migration and neovascularization was observed and clinically 2 out of 6 rats died within 5 hours. We suggested that very high dose intake of borax may cause sudden death and also during long periods and higher dose intake may pave the way of inflammatory bowel diseases. At the same time, in boron related studies we advice that the kind of boron and also their source should be evaluated carefully and the most suitable compound should be chosen in case of faulty results.

KEY WORDS: Boron; Borax; Inflammatory bowel disease; Histopathology; Toxicology.

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KABU, M.; TOSUN, M.; ELITOK, B. & AKOSMAN, M. S. Histological evaluation of the effects of borax obtained from different sources in different rat organs. Int. J. Morphol., 33(1):255-261, 2015.