Segment II of the liver. Left lateral segment or left posterior lateral segment?

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Eugenia Carvallo; Pamela Carvallo; Rafael Coello & Vásquez, B.


The division of the liver into segments is based on, that originating from the hilum, each of the branches of the portal vein is accompanied by an artery and a bile duct. Accurate knowledge of intrahepatic vascular structures and their distribution is important for planning segment resection techniques and perform them successfully. It should be noted that it is necessary to know the anatomy of the biliary liver segments and its variants, to prevent thrombosis or ischemic complications of the left lateral segment and the appearance of biliary fistulas following partial liver transplant. The left lateral segment (segment II) is mentioned in the Terminologia Anatomica. It is our goal to review this term and recommend inclusion of the word "posterior" remaining as the left posterior lateral segment. This change is related to the basic objectives that were proposed by the Federative International Programme on Anatomical Terminologies, which is responsible for regulating the anatomical communication and get recommendations such as this, admitting that additions or terminological changes should be clear, harmonious with the region or structure and have a preferably informative and descriptive value. The terminal branches of the portal vein are two: the right and left portal veins. The latter emits a left lateral vein, where the trajectory is horizontal, rear and left for the left lateral segment (II). Based on the above information, it would be justified to incorporate this segment as left posterior lateral segment in the Terminologia Anatomica.

KEY WORDS: Segment II; Left lateral segment; Liver; Terminologia Anatomica.

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CARVALLO E.; CARVALLO, P.; COELLO, R. & VÁSQUEZ, B. Segment II of the liver. Left lateral segment or left posterior lateral segment? Int. J. Morphol., 33(2):433-435, 2015.