Distribution Pattern of the Veins of the Cubital Fossa in a Sample of People Born in the Department of Santander, Colombia

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Edgar Giovanni Corzo Gómez;Olga Lucía Gómez Díaz; María Eugenia Niño Mantilla; Lina María Ramírez Vargas & Lizeth Melisa Zárate Sierra


We determined the frequency of superficial vein patterns of the upper limb in a sample of 885 people (438 men and 447 women) born in the department of Santander, Colombia according to the classification proposed by del Sol et al. The predominant pattern was I with 524 cases (30%) followed by pattern III with 451 cases (26%). Pattern I was the most prevalent in both the right arm with 286 cases (32%) and in the left upper limb with 238 cases (27%). In men, the pattern I was predominant with 307 cases (35%) followed pattern II with 228 cases (26%). In women the predominant pattern III was with 367 cases (41%) followed the pattern I with 217 cases (24%). The pattern in "M classic" frequency was similar in men and women with 8%.

KEY WORDS: Superficial veins; Cephalic vein; Basilic vein.

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CORZO, G. E. G. ; GÓMEZ, D. O. L.; NIÑO, M. M. E. ; RAMÍREZ, V. L. M. & ZÁRATE, S. L. M. Distribution pattern of the veins of the cubital fossa in a sample of people born in the Department of Santander, Colombia. Int. J. Morphol., 32(1):221-226, 2014.