Instructions for the Use of MINCIR Scale to Assess Methodological Quality in Therapy Studies

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Moraga, J.; Manterola, C.; Cartes-Velasquez, R.; Burgos, M. E.; Aravena, P.; Urrutia, S. & Grupo MINCIR


Methodological quality (MQ) is a complex multidimensional construct that tests different types of variables. An approach to this issue was the potential to generate a group of valid scales to assess MQ in therapy, diagnosis and prognosis studies. The aim of this article is to provide a guideline to standardize the implementation of a MinCir scale to assess MQ in therapy studies. A detailed description of each item and discipline of the therapy MinCir scale is provided, along with guidelines on how to respond each query. A user guide for applying the therapy MinCir scale was generated.

KEY WORDS: Investigative techniques; Methods/epidemiology; Methodological studies; Intervention studies; Evaluation studies as topic; Epidemiologic studies; Evidence-based medicine.

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MORAGA, J.; MANTEROLA, C.; CARTES-VELASQUEZ, R.; BURGOS, M. E.; ARAVENA, P. & URRUTIA, S. & Gru- po MINCIR. Instructions for the use of MINCIR scale to assess methodological quality in therapy studies. Int. J. Morphol., 32(1):294-298, 2014.