Body Composition and Physical Capacity in Patients with COVID-19 Hospitalized in a Intensive Care Unit

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Rodrigo Muñoz-Cofre; María Fernanda del Valle Valdés; Constanza Díaz Canales; Loreto Godoy Abarca; Mariano del Sol; Pablo A. Lizana; Máximo Escobar-Cabello; Daniel Conei-Valencia & Jorge Valenzuela Vásquez


The intensive care units (ICU) and acute care units have been the containers for the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, prolonged stay in this unit can impact patients' body composition (WC) and ability to exercise. This research aimed to determine if there is a relationship between body composition (BC) and the 6-minute walk test (6mWT). 17 people were recruited (8 women and 9 men). The following measurements were taken: 6mWT, its distance traveled (6mWTDT) and its speed (6mWTS) were considered. The WC variables measured were body mass index (BMI), fat mass (FM), fat-free mass (FFM), and lean mass (LM). 6mWTDT only showed a significant relationship with body LM (BLM). On the other hand, 6mWTS had a significant relationship with BLM. In addition to this, the FFM of the right lower limb and the FFM of the left lower limb showed a relationship with 6mWTS (r=0.422; p=0.041 and r=0.417; p=0.025, respectively). Also, the LM of the right lower limb and the LM of the left lower limb were significantly related to the 6mWTS (r=0.422; p=0.030 and r=0.420; p=0.042). In conclusion, there is a relationship between body composition and 6mWTS. This would allow us to quickly approach the level of functionality with which a patient enters a rehabilitation program.

KEY WORDS: COVID-19; Body composition; 6-minute walk test; Rehabilitation.

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MUÑOZ-COFRÉ, R.; DEL VALLE, V. M. F; DÍAZ, C. C.; GODOY, A. L.; DEL SOL, M.; LIZANA, A. P.; ESCOBAR- CABELLO, M.; CONEI-VALENCIA, D. & VALENZUELA, V. J. Body composition and physical capacity in patients with COVID-19 hospitalized in a Intensive Care Unit. Int. J. Morphol., 42(2):479-482, 2024.