Platysma: Human and Comparative Anatomy, Histology, and Clinical Aspects

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Rogerio Leone Buchaim; Maria Fernanda Rossi Vigliar; Ana Caroline dos Santos; Mariana Souza Silva Bomfim; Nirley Paula de Oliveira Viegas; Daniela Vieira Buchaim & Maria Angelica Miglino


The quest for aesthetic procedures is experiencing a steady increase in popularity, concomitant with the expanding array of available treatment options. Of notable interest is the burgeoning trend in the use of minimally invasive techniques. Among the various aspects of facial anatomy, the platysma stands as a pivotal element that significantly influences the aesthetic appearance of the neck region. It has garnered particular attention as a strategic focal point in various treatments geared towards enhancing the neck's visual appeal. Additionally, the versatility of the platysma extends beyond the realm of cosmetic improvements. Its functional significance is recognized in reconstructive surgical procedures, where it may be harnessed for specific maneuvers. Furthermore, the muscle serves as a critical access point for minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries in the neck region. While these developments hold great promise, it is crucial to underscore that safety should always take precedence in any medical or surgical approach. This applies equally to the neck region, which presents a complex and intricate anatomical landscape. An in-depth understanding and meticulous investigation of the platysma in all its diverse aspects are paramount to ensuring the success and safety of any procedure conducted in this region. This comprehensive review aspires to provide a contemporary understanding of the platysma, offering an in-depth analysis that encompasses its intricate anatomy, histological characteristics, and multifaceted clinical implications. By delving into these diverse dimensions, it aims to equip healthcare professionals and researchers with a robust foundation for informed decision-making and practice.

KEY WORDS: Platysma; Anatomy; Histology.

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BUCHAIM, R. L.; VIGLIAR, M. F. R.; DOS SANTOS, A. C.; BOMFIM, M. S. S.; VIEGAS, N. P. O.; BUCHAIM, D. V. & MIGLINO, M. A. Platysma: Human and comparative anatomy, histology, and clinical aspects. Int. J. Morphol., 42(2):402-408, 2024.