Different Body Partialization Procedures Considering Maximum Strength and Explosiveness: Factorial Analysis Approach

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Milivoj Dopsaj; Igor Zlatovic; Nevena Vukadinovic; Jelena Aleksic; Sofia Gkatzaveli; Jovan Buha; Kristina Maleckar; Katarina Radovic; Lazar Denic; Mirko Poznanovic; Zoran Pajic & Marko Smrkic


The aim of this study was to determine the sensitivity of different methods of partialization, in terms of different body component indices in relation to indicators of strength and explosiveness. The research involved 187 subjects who were divided into two groups based on sex. This research consisted of measuring body composition characteristics by multichannel bioimpedance analysis (BIA) InBody 720, as well as contractile characteristics of different muscle groups with tenziometric Dinamometry method. Based on the results of the factor analysis we found that regardless of the sex the most sensitive variable for partialization of absolute body isometric strength variable (ABiS) is partialization by allometric scaling (0.964 for females and 0.947 for males explained factor variance). However, in the case of absolute body isometric explosiveness (ABiE), the results of this study have demonstrated that partialization relative to skeletal muscle mass according to the body longitudinality – skeletal muscle mass index (SMMI) is the methodological choice disregarding the sex (0.982 for females and 0.980 for males explained factor variance). The results of the study have shown that for the purpose of scaling the maximal strength relative to body composition, the allometric method can be considered as a choice, while for the partialization of maximal isometric explosiveness skeletal muscle mass index is the best choice insensitive of the sex.

KEY WORDS: Body composition; Body strength index; Isometric contraction; Muscle force; Assessment.

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DOPSAJ, M.; ZLATOVIC, I.; VUKADINOVIC, N.; ALEKSIC, J.; GKATZAVELI, S.; BUHA, J.; MALECKAR, K.; RADOVIC, K.; DENIC, L.; POZNANOVIC, M.; PAJIC, Z. & SMRKIC, M. Different body partialization procedures considering maximum strength and explosiveness: Factorial analysis approach. Int. J. Morphol., 42(2):382-386, 2024.