Histomorphometric Evaluation of Soleus and Lateral Gastrocnemius Muscles of Animals Submitted to Pharmacological Manipulation with Fluoxetine

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Vitor Caiaffo; Alice Sá Carneiro Ribeiro; Belisa Duarte Ribeiro de Oliveira; Yuri Mateus Lima de Albuquerque & Silvia Regina Arruda de Moraes


The pharmacological manipulation with selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake (SSRIs) can modify the operation of the serotonergic system and may facilitate or inhibit the action of this system, inducing changes in the morphology of the skeletal muscle of rats. The objective of this study was to evaluate the action of the treatment with fluoxetine during the critical period of the animal´s life on development of the soleus and lateral gastrocnemius muscles, under the aspects of weight, the number of nuclei of myocyte cells and cross-sectional area of muscle fibers. Twenty four (30 and 90-day-old) male Wistar rats were used. They were treated with saline solution (NaCl 0.9%; 1 ml/100 g of body weight) or fluoxetine (10 mg; 1 ml/100g of body weight). The animals were divided in Saline Group (GS-30 and GS-90) and Fluoxetine Group (GF-30 and GF-90). The fluoxetine group showed a reduction on weight (g) of soleus (p=0.046) and lateral gastrocnemius (p=0.02) muscles in rats with 90 days. A lesser number of myonuclei was observed in fluoxetine group than saline group of 30 days (soleus, p<0.001; lateral gastrocnemius, p0.007) and 90 days (soleus, p=0.002; lateral gastrocnemius, p0.038). The cross section area of fluoxetine groups is also smaller than the saline groups with 30 days (soleus, p=0.03; lateral gastrocnemius, p=0.041) and 90 days (soleus, p=0.042; lateral gastrocnemius, p=0.012). The treatment of fluoxetine during the critical period of development of the nervous system of rats, causes early changes in the structure of muscle fibers that seem to be related to reducing the weight of the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles only in late stage of the animal's life. Thus, the dosage used ISRS, suggests an inhibitory effect of 5-HT in relation to variables on the development of the skeletal muscle tissue of rats.

KEY WORDS: Fluoxetine; Muscles Fiber; Skeletal Muscle; Myonuclei; Cross Section Area.

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CAIAFFO, V.; RIBEIRO, A. S. C.; DE OLIVEIRA, B. D. R.; DE ALBUQUERQUE, Y. M. L. & DE MORAES, S. R. A. Histomorphometric evaluation of soleus and lateral gastrocnemius muscles of animals submitted to pharmacological manipulation with fluoxetine. Int. J. Morphol., 32(3):751-755, 2014.