Modeling Mediated Crossover Acute and Subacute Damage to the Pulmonary System During Systemic (Subcutaneous) Administration of Bleomycin in Mice to Test the Potential Therapeutic Effect of Polyphenols

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Zarina Shulgau; Yevgeniy Kamyshanskiy; Shynggys Sergazy; Aigerim Zhulikeyeva; Assel Urazbayeva; Ainura Makhmutova; Zhanybek Bokebayev; Alexandre Gulyayev & Yerlan Ramankulov


The potential anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic activity of polyphenolic extracts of blueberry and grape was evaluated in a mouse model of lung damage induced by subcutaneous administration of bleomycin. The results of testing the polyphenolic extracts on two different systemic administration variants of bleomycin (intraperitoneal and subcutaneous) were compared. It was found that regardless of the method of bleomycin administration, indirect cross-acute and subacute damage to the pulmonary system was observed. Both patterns exhibited the same prevalence and severity. The administration of polyphenolic extracts of blueberry and grape to mice resulted in a significant decrease in theseverity of acute and subacute patterns of lung damage, suggesting their protective properties for the microcirculatory bed and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

KEY WORDS: Fibrosis; Bleomycin; Polyphenols; Blueberry extract; Grape extract.

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SHULGAU, Z.; KAMYSHANSKIY, Y.; SERGAZY, S.; ZHULIKEYEVA, A.; URAZBAYEVA, A.; MAKHMUTOVA, A.; BOKEBAYEV, Z.; GULYAYEV, A. & RAMANKULOV, Y. Modeling mediated crossover acute and subacute damage to the pulmonary system during systemic (subcutaneous) administration of bleomycin to mice to test the potential therapeutic effect of polyphenols. Int. J. Morphol., 41(6):1837-1845, 2023.