Liver Size and its Correlation with Anthropometric Parameters and Age

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Zorka Drvendzija; Srdan Stosic; Biljana Srdic Galic; Dragana Radosevic; Mirjana Udicki; Danijel Bodiroga & Natalija Neskovic


The liver has over 500 physiological and biochemical roles in our organism so checking of liver size and function is a part of every clinical examination. Aim of our research was to estimate liver size on computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen images and to determinate relations between liver dimensions and anthropometric parameters. The research included 99 patients, 49 men and 50 women, who were referred for CT of abdomen. We measured body height (BH) and body mass (BM), and calculated body mass index (BMI) and body surface area (BSA). Also, on CT images we measured anteroposterior (AP), laterolateral (LL) and two craniocaudal liver diameters (one at the level of midclavicular line - CCmcl, and the other was maximal - CCmax). Liver volume (LV) was calculated with formula. Our results showed that AP diameter positively correlated with BSA (r=0.30) in women. LL diameter positively correlated with BH (r=0.43), and BSA (0.31) in men. CCmcl diameter positively correlated with BH (r=0.33), BM (r=0.31), and BSA (r=0.34) in men, while in women it correlated only with BH (r=0.38). CCmax diameter positively correlated with BH (r=0.33) and BSA (r=0.33) in men. LV positively correlated with BH and BSA in both men (r=0.36, r=0.33, respectively) and women (r=0.42, r=0.31, respectively), and in men also with BM (r=0.34). LL, CCmcl, CCmax, and LV negatively correlated with aging in both sexes After the age of 60, there was a decrease in size of LL, CC diameters, as well as in LV. We concluded that liver dimensions decrease with aging, regardless of sex at the expanse of LL and CC diameters which are related to the size of body parameters, so that for a precise evaluation of liver size all three diameters should be measured, LV as well as BH, BM, and BSA.

KEY WORDS: Liver diameters; Body height; Body mass; Body surface area; Computed tomography.

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DRVENDZIJA, Z.; STOSIC, S.; GALIC, B. S.; RADOSEVIC, D.; UDICKI, M.; BODIROGA, D. & NESKOVIC, N. Liver size and its correlation with anthropometric parameters and age. Int. J. Morphol., 41(6):1679-1686, 2023.