Cardio-Physiological and Anthropometric Profile of Elite International Handball Players from Top Ranking Macedonian Teams

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Jasmina Pluncevic Gligoroska; Miroslav Momchilov & Georgi Georgiev


Monitoring of body composition and cardiophysiological parameters are main part of the general health status of handball players and significant indicators of their physical fitness. The assessment of body components, especially skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass are important because of their influence on sport performance. The aim of this study is to determine the body composition and cardiophysiological characteristics of elite handball players from Republic of North Macedonia. 27 male HB players from two top ranking teams from RNM were tested ergometrically with Bruce protocol for determination of maximal oxygen consumption; body analysis was made with bioelectrical impedance analyzer, InBody 720. Anthropometric parameters were as follows: mean height was 190.4±7.8 cm and weight 96.3±15.5 kg, skeletal muscle mass (SMM)=47.11±6.69 kg; BMI=26.38±3.1; BF%=15.04±6.01 and WHR=0.9±1.8. The result of ergometrical test produce mean VO2 max=43.92 ml/kg/min which is 100.46 % of reference value. The body composition of elite international handball players from the top handball teams in Republic of North Macedonia showed similar body components as other European handball players. The obesity diagnose parameters were negatively associated with exercise time and maximal oxygen consumption.

KEY WORDS: Handball players; Body composition; Heart rate; Bruce test.

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GLIGOROSKA, J. P.; MOMCHILOV, M. & GEORGIEV, G. Cardio-physiological and anthropometric profile of elite international handball players from top ranking Macedonian teams. Int. J. Morphol., 41(6):1653-1659, 2023.