Humoral and Cellular Immunology in Human Prostate Cancer: Plasma Cells and T and B Lymphocytes

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Rodríguez Héctor; Rodríguez Nicolás; Gallegos Iván; Arriaza Camilo & Espinoza-Navarro, Omar


In solid and malignant tumors, innate and adaptive immunity are combined in antitumor responses. This study aimed to analyze the activation of plasma cells and the correlation between the infiltration of B and T lymphocytes with the degree of malignancy or Gleason grade in human prostate biopsies diagnosed with cancer. Prostate cancer biopsies were obtained from the Clinical Hospital of Universidad de Chile (n=70), according to the bioethical norms of the institution. Histological sections of 5μm thickness were processed for immunohistochemistry with primary antibodies against BL and total TL (HRP/DAB). Recognition and quantification were performed under a Leica DM750 optical microscope. Microsoft Excel and GraphPad software were used for the statistical study. Correlation coefficient (Pearson) and mean comparison tests (Kruskal-Wallis and Dunn) and p≤ 0.05 were developed. B and T lymphocyte populations were inversely interregulated in prostate cancer (Gleason) (r= -0.46). Their relationship with Gleason grade is variable according to lymphocyte type (LB vs. Gleason r= -0.0.47 and LT vs. Gleason r= -0.21). Histological diagnosis of prostate cancer correlates with a predominance of LT. The malignancy of the pathology correlates with a predominance of LTs, according to the Gleason grade. The increased knowledge of B and T lymphocyte infiltration and plasma cell activation could be used to better target clinical trials on treatments based on immune system responses. Immunotherapy could be a new paradigm to apply better antitumor therapy strategies.

KEY WORDS: Prostate Cancer; Immunomodulation; Plasma Cells; Lymphocytes; Human.

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RODRÍGUEZ, H.; RODRÍGUEZ, N.; GALLEGOS, I.; ARRIAZA, C. & ESPINOZA-NAVARRO, O. Humoral and cellular immunology in human prostate cancer: Plasma cells and t and b lymphocytes Int. J. Morphol., 41(5):1558-11563, 2023.