Renal Pedicle: Analysis of their Variants

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Corsiglia, María de los Milagros; Martinez Hinojosa, Pablo Andrés; d ́Annibale, Melanie Ayelén; Gonzalez, Camila Belén; Firpo, Facundo Joaquín; Ferrari, Vinicius; Blasi, Esteban Daniel; Shinzato, Sergio Alberto & Bertone, Vicente Hugo


Testut & Latarjet (1980), Bouchet & Cuilleret (1986), Latarjet & Liard (2005) y Rouvière & Delmas (2005) describe the intrinsic relationships of the renal pedicle (PR) from two coronal planes, the renal pelvis (PER) being the element that limits between both. Trivedi et al. (2011) showed relationships between the elements of the RP that do not coincide with the descriptions provided by these authors. Knowing the possible variants in the intrinsic relationships of the RP is of the utmost importance in surgical practices such as renal transplantation (García de Jalón Martínez et al., 2003). Therefore, the objective of this study is to analyze the variable relationships between the elements that make up the RP in the juxtahilar region of the kidney. 23 RP were studied, formalized at 10 % and provided by the Dissection Team of the Second Chair of Anatomy of the University of Buenos Aires. PRs were classified into two groups. In Group I, the tributaries of origin of the renal vein (RVOA) were in the same coronal plane. In group II, the AOVRs were in different coronal planes. Each group was subdivided into different patterns. Patterns I and II, with the highest incidence, were associated with group I and patterns III, IV and V with group II. In pattern I, the VROA were anterior to the renal pelvis (PER) and posterior to the prepelvic artery (PPA). In pattern II, AOVRs were prior to PER and APP. Patterns I and II make up group I and presented a higher number of incidence in our investigation. There are also variants that occur less frequently than these patterns, these comprise group II of the classification proposed in this work.

KEY WORDS: Renal pedicle; Renal pelvis; Renal vein; Anatomy.

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CORSIGLIA, M. M.; MARTINEZ HINOJOSA, P. A.; D ́ANNIBALE, M. A.; GONZALEZ, C. B.; FIRPO, F. J.; FERRARI, V.; BLASI, E. D.; SHINZATO, S. A. & BERTONE, V. H. Renal pedicle: Analysis of their variants. Int. J. Morphol., 41(5):1480-1484, 2023.