New Technological Resources for Anatomy Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. From B-learn to E-Learn at a New Medical School, in Chile

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Pedro Hecht-López1; Juan Carlos Maturana-Arancibia1 & Eduardo Parra-Villegas


To start teaching anatomy, the recently established medical school of the University of Tarapacá (UTA) acquired innovative and state of the art technological resources in digital and 3D media. The first cohort of medical students used these resources in 2016 and positively assessed the subject studied and its didactic methodology through a combined approach (B- Learn). These results were published in 2018, and it was deemed a successful local teaching model until 2019. Since the beginning of 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Chile particularly hard, and universities had to adapt their teaching model. In our case, we carried it out by teaching the subjects using a comprehensive online learning approach through the Internet (E-Learn). The first and second semester of anatomy were taught to 36 students in the first year of medicine 2020. In addition to traditional resources such as study texts and laboratory guides, to migrate to a fully online E- Learn course model, the digital and 3D resources stored in the lo- cal database of the SECTRA® digital dissection table and its RIS/ PACS portal IDS7 SECTRA® platform were used to be taught via the internet through Zoom® in real-time and via Intranet UTA platforms in conjunction with Moodle® for the tasks and subsequent evaluations. The transition from a B-Learn model to an E-Learn model was carried out successfully thanks to the experience gained in previous years in terms of design and use of teaching resources, in addition to the local database with previously stored anatomical resources in digital format. Student performance was outstanding during the pandemic, showing the versatility and adaptation of new digital native students to emerging learning conditions.

KEY WORDS: Medical education; Anatomy; B-Learn; E-Learn; COVID-19.

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HECHT, L. P.; MATURANA, A. J. & PARRA, V. E. New technological resources for anatomy teaching during the COVID- 19 pandemic crisis. From B-learn to E-Learn at a new medical school, in Tarapacá, Chile. Int. J. Morphol., 41(5):1467-1473, 2023.