Ultrastructural Morphometric Analysis from Normal Parotid Gland Cells of Rat

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R. Cornejo; O. Garrido; F. Matamala; H. Silva; A. Mardones; K. Lagos & O. Hueichapan


From 10 female rats weighing approximately 250 g and aged 4 months, samples of parotid gland were obtained surgically which were treated with transmission electronic microscopy in order to obtain microphotographs with final increases of up to 21,300 X. Morphometric techniques were applied to these microphotographs to quantify the volumetric fractions that the different components occupy in these normal cells, thus describing their volumes and relating them to their functionality in this normal cell. Volumetric fractions were evaluated pertaining to: cytoplasm, nucleus, mitochondria, rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER), zymogen granules, eu and heterochromatin. Likewise, cell and nuclear areas were quantified. With the numerical data from the morphometric evaluation of its components, it was possible to determine the distribution pattern of the organelles and functionality of this cell active in protein synthesis and secretion represented by diastase zymogen granules and various salivary proteins.

KEY WORDS: Morphometry; Parotid gland; Acinar cell.

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CORNEJO, R.; GARRIDO, O.; MATAMALA, F.; SILVA, H.; MARDONES, A.; LAGOS, K. & HUEICHAPAN, O. Ultrastructural morphometric analysis from normal parotid cells in rat. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1205-1209, 2013.