Patella cubiti: Un Misterio Etiológico Continuo

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Georgi P. Georgiev; Lyubomir Gaydarski; Lukasz Olewnik; R. Shane Tubbs; Iva N. Dimitrova; Emilyan Emilov; Vidin Kirkov & Boycho Landzhov


A sesamoid bone in the elbow joint is a rare anatomical variation described as a Patella cubiti. Although this variation has been known for centuries its exact etiology is still unclear. Congenital, developmental, and traumatic hypotheses have been proposed. It seldom causes clinical manifestations than elbow stiffness or hypomobility. Herein, we present a case of a 31-year-old patient admitted to our department with complaints of swelling and erythema in the right elbow. An X-ray image revealed a triangular accessory bone with rounded edges, which was diagnosed as a Patella cubiti in combination with olecranon bursitis. Knowledge of this rare elbow abnormality is paramount for orthopedic surgeons and roentgenologists in their daily medical practice.

KEY WORDS: Patella cubiti; Radiology; History; Etiology.

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GEORGIEV, G. P.; GAYDARSKI, L.; OLEWNIK, L.; TUBBS, R. S.; DIMITROVA, I. N.; EMILOV, E.; KIRKOV, V. & LANDZHOV, B. Patella cubiti – a continuing etiological mystery. Int. J. Morphol., 41(1):19-21, 2023.