Lexema phy-sis φúσις in Terminologia Anatomica

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María Paz Moya; Manuel Contreras & Mariano del Sol


Multiple common words use Greek and Latin roots, as is the case of structures mentioned in Terminologia Anatomica. For instance, a number of anatomical terms originating in ancient Greece, use the Greek lexeme ph‡-sis or its homologue - fisis in Spanish. Therefore, this work aims to analyze meaning and etymology of this termin the Universidad de Salamanca dictionary, the Royal National Academy of Medicine Dictionary of Medical Terms, and in the Spanish etymological Greek-Latin dictionary, to contribute to the understanding and learning of Terminologia Anatomica in the study of Human Anatomy. To facilitate learning and the correct use of Terminologia Anatomica, we propose that students in Human Anatomy course assignments acquire a basic knowledge of Latin and Greek.

KEY WORDS: Terminologia Anatomica; Diaphysis; Epiphysis; Linguistics.

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MOYA, M.P.; CONTRERAS, M. & DEL SOL, M. Lexema phy-sis φúσις in Terminologia Anatomica. Int. J. Morphol., 35(3):919-924, 2017.