Detailed Anatomy of the Corpora-Glans Ligament via the P45 Plastination Method

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Wen-Bin Jiang; Chan Li; Campbell Gilmore; Sheng-Bo Yu & Hong-Jin Sui


The corporo-glans ligament is the ligament connecting the corpus cavernosum and the glans of the penis. The anatomical description of the corporo-glans ligaments shape is still uncertain, this knowledge affects penile reconstructive procedures. The anatomy of the corporo-glans ligament was analyzed and recorded via observing sagittal sections of 10 different penile P45 plastination sections. According to the P45 plastination sections, the corporo-glans junction displayed a fibrous tissue band connecting the distal ends of the two corpus cavernous (CC) with the glans penis (GP). The fibrous band was a round-obtuse shape and ran deep into the glans of the penis and occupied about 2/3 of the whole GP. The original end was laid in a socket embedded in the GP. The density of the fibers of the ligament at the original end close to the tunica albuginea was less than that of the other parts. The fibers originating from the tunica albuginea, directly extended to the blind end of the two CC, covering the distal end of the two CC.

KEY WORDS: Corpus cavernosus; Corpus spongiosum; Glans penis; Penile reconstruction.

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JIANG, W. B.; LI, C.; GILMORE, C.; YU, S. B. & SUI, H. J. Detailed anatomy of the corpora-glans ligament via the P45 plastination method. Int. J. Morphol., 41(1):264-267, 2023.