Morphological Index of Fetal Cerebral Ventricular Development: A Diagnostic Ultrasound Study

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Chen Yue; Qian Ding; Heng-Yang; Sheng-Bo Yu; Jin Gong; Yi-Fei Wang; Chan Li & Hong-Jin Sui


To establish an unprovable diagnostic indicative index reference for ultrasound examination of the fetal cerebral ventricles, based on the morphological characteristics throughout fetal nervous system development. Key ultrasonic morphological indicators of fetal ventricular development, which includes frontal horn width (FHW), occipital horn width (OHW), width of 3rd ventricle, cavity of septum pellucidum (CSP), width and length of 4th ventricle and thalamo-occipital distance (TOD) had been measured and analyzed collectively. All data of the indicators was collected on singleton pregnant woman between 16-39 weeks of gestational age (GA), between November 2017 and June 2021 at the Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University. A total of 235 pregnant women were enrolled in the cross section study; another 36 pregnant women voluntarily joined a timeline-tracking follow-up study (cohort study) under the same examining criteria. A decrease of FHW and OHW of the lateral ventricles was observed as GA increased; while dimen- sional values of TOD, 3rd ventricle, CSP, as well as 4th ventricle increased with GA. Most of these indicators showed an enhanced variation tendency within a certain period of GA. Moreover, values of FHW and TOD showed asymmetry of the two hemispheres within the whole GA. Our findings revealed the morphological regularity of fetal ventricular development, which would instructively enhance the relative clinical ultrasound diagnosis; moreover, TOD also showed regularly changes as GA increased, suggesting that TOD should be considered as an additional routine ultrasonic indicator for fetal ventricular development.

KEY WORDS: Fetal ventricular development; Prenatal cranial ultrasound measurement index; Brain morphology.

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YUE, C.; DING, Q.; HENG, Y.; YU, S. B.; GONG, J.; WANG, Y. F.; LI, C. & SUI, H. J. Morphological index of fetal cerebral ventricular development: a diagnostic ultrasound study. Int. J. Morphol., 40(5):1308-1320, 2022.