Effects of Open Board Lecture Videos on Anatomy

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Chung Yoh Kim; Jin Seo Park; Jae-Ho Lee; Hyeon Min Ha & Beom Sun Chung


COVID-19 has forced anatomists to perform non-face-to-face education using lecture videos. A Korean anatomist has given (white and black) board lectures and distributed lecture videos to the public for many years. This study was to verify the effects of open board lecture videos in the anatomy field. A questionnaire survey was carried out with the help of medical students who were exposed to the board lecture videos. The video provider uploaded the lecture videos on YouTube, where the viewing numbers were counted. At a medical school where the video provider belonged, the students mainly watched the lecture videos before the anatomy class. The watching hours of the lecture videos were related to the written examination scores. Students gave positive and negative comments on the board lectures. At the other two medical schools, students partly watched the lecture videos regardless of the teacher who delivered the lectures. The results suggested that students understood the board lectures themselves. On YouTube, the lecture videos were viewed by approximately 1,000 students. This paper introduces the desirable aspects of open board lecture videos on anatomy. The videos could enhance the quality of both students and teacher.

KEY WORDS: Regional anatomy; Video recording; Undergraduate medical education; Illustrated books.

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KIM, C. Y.; PARK, J. S.; LEE, J. H.; HA, H. M. & CHUNG, B. S. Effects of open board lecture videos on anatomy. Int. J. Morphol., 40(4):1117-1122, 2022.