Histochemical Assessment of Mucin-Secreting Cells in the Stomach of Domestic Rabbit

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Mircea Cipou; Aurel Damian; Vasile Rus1; Cristian Martonos; Ioana A. Ratiu2; Viorel Miclaus & Adrian F. Gal


The mucous substances of the stomach in mammals are important not only for the protection of the gastric epithelium from the acid environment and grinding actions, but it facilitates some other functions of the stomach such as antibacterial, antimetastatic, and immunological roles. The goal of the study is to highlight the distribution of mucin-secreting cells in the gastric mucosa in domestic rabbits, including the type of mucus synthesized. The gastric samples collected from ten individual rabbits were fixed in 10 % buffered formalin and underwent later standard paraffin tissue sample processing, which included dehydration, clarification, and embedding in paraffin. The tissue sections were eventually stained histochemically by PAS reaction and by Alcian blue method (pH 2.5) for neutral and acidic mucins detection, respectively. The quantification of mucins in the cytoplasm of mucus-secreting cells was performed by grading the gastric tissue samples from negative (-) to intensely positive (++). The mucus elaboration was observed in all the regions of the stomach (i.e., cardial, fundic, and pyloric regions), but only for the neutral mucin. The acidic mucin synthesis occurred only in the secretory units of the gastric glands from the cardial region in the stomach. Pyloric glands synthesized the largest amounts of neutral mucins, followed by moderate amounts elaborated by cardial glands, while the fundic region does not synthesize it at all. The description of new microscopic features of the stomach in rabbits is fundamental not only for comprehending species-related physiological features but gastric pathological processes.

KEY WORDS: Stomach; Mucins; Gastric mucosa; Rabbit.

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CIPOU, M.; DAMIAN, A.; RUS, V.; MARTONOS, C.; RATIU, I. A.; MICLAUS, V. & GAL, A. F. Histochemical assessment of mucin-secreting cells in the stomach of domestic rabbit. Int. J. Morphol., 40(4):915-919, 2022.