Anatomical Description of the Bony Segments That Make up the Thoracic Appendicular Skeleton of the Species Puma concolor

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Manuel Alexis Saldivia Paredes


The Puma concolor is one of the largest carnivores present in Chile, although its size varies according to the geographical area in which it is found. It is increasingly common to find them outside their habitat and more in our environment. Its ecological, reproductive and nutritional aspects are known, but very little is known about its anatomy, which creates a challenge in the veterinary morphological area that needs strengthening. The present study consisted of an anatomical description of the appendicular skeleton of three adult specimens of Puma concolor (3 males) in the veterinary anatomy laboratory of the Universidad San Sebastián, headquarters of Patagonia Puerto Montt, which allowed a detailed study of the conformation of the skeleton of each structure present in the thoracic appendicular skeleton of these specimens. This allowed us to achieve results of morphological interest and delve into the anatomy of this species.

KEY WORDS: Puma concolor; Anatomy; osteology; Appendicular skeleton; Thoracic limbs.

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SALDIVIA, P. M. A. Anatomical description of the bony segments that make up the thoracic appendicular skeleton of the species Puma concolor. Int. J. Morphol., 40(4):909-914, 2022.