The Application of Instant Evaluation Based on Information Technology in Anatomy Teaching from China

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Shu-liang Niu; Ying Liang; AbuduJLL Abuduklm; Yuan-yuan Jin & Jie Yan


The information technology (IT) based "instant evaluation" is supported by IT, which allows instant evaluation of teaching phenomena based on certain evaluation criteria and provides instant feedback. In anatomy teaching, we explored and practiced the application of instant evaluation based on a platform called “Rain classroom.” We found that IT-based instant evaluation had higher practicability and better student satisfaction, which could improve teaching efficiency during class time, help students improve learning methods, and promote knowledge mastery. Additionally, instant evaluation positively impacted teachers' evaluation ability and teaching skills.

KEY WORDS: Instant evaluation; Information technology; Rain classroom; Two-way feedback; Anatomy teaching.

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NIU, S. L.; LIANG, Y.; ABUDUKLM, A.; JIN, Y. Y. & YAN, Y. The application of instant evaluation based on information technology in anatomy teaching from China. Int. J. Morphol., 40(4):867-871, 2022.