Variations in the Origin of the Superior Laryngeal Artery and their Clinical Significance: A Case Report with a Proposal for a New Classification

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B. Landzhov; L. Gaydarski; I. Angushev; Y. Tivcheva; L. Olewnik; N. Krastev; V. Kirkov & G. P. Georgiev


The superior laryngeal artery is the primary vessel providing the blood supply to the larynx. Commonly, it is derived from the superior thyroid artery. Different variations in the origin have been described in the current literature; knowledge of such variations is crucial for various surgical interventions of the larynx and surgical procedures in the lateral region of the neck regarding the carotid triangle. It should be noted that radiological studies, such as selective angiography of the thyroid gland, can also be misleading in cases of variations. Herein, we describe a case of bilateral superior laryngeal artery originating directly from the external carotid artery of the neck. The arteries at first have a transverse course and then pierce through the thyrohyoid membrane alongside internal laryngeal nerves. Moreover, we also review the known variations in the origin of the superior laryngeal artery and propose a new classification of all known variations.

KEY WORDS Anatomical variants; Classification; Clinical significance; Superior laryngeal artery.

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LANDZHOV, B.; GAYDARSKI, L.; ANGUSHEV, I.; TIVCHEVA, Y.; OLEWNIK, L.; KRASTEV, N.; KIRKOV, V. & GEORGIEV, G. P. Variations in the origin of the superior laryngeal artery and their clinical significance: a case report with a proposal for a new classification. Int, J. Morphol., 40(3):595-600, 2022.