Morphometric Study of Extra-Hepatic Biliary Pathways-Study in Human Corpses

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Danielly de Cássia Santos Conceição; Giuliano R. Gonçalves; José Eduardo Scabora; Kennedy Martinez Oliveira; Diogo Correa Maldonado; Marcelo Cavenaghi Pereira da Silva & Leandro H. Grecco


Adverse events (AE) contribute significantly to postoperative morbidities and co-morbidities. Many AEs occur due to a lack of anatomical knowledge and its variants. Latrogenic bile duct injuries, for instance, represent a serious surgical complication of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Anatomical knowledge for the identification and adequate drainage of all ducts is relevant and funda- mental in order to avoid future errors. The objective of the study was to morphometrically analyze the bile ducts in adult human corpses. 13 livers were extracted from adult human corpses to obtain the ducts: choledochal, common hepatic and cystic. After morphological analysis, duct measurements (length and diameter) were continued using a digital caliper. The data obtained were tabulated in SPSS 21 program, performing descriptive analysis with mean and standard deviation. The averages of bile ducts were 61.05 (± 16.43) mm in length and 3.86 (± 0.72) mm in diameter. The cystic duct length and diameter averages were 33.59 (± 12.29) mm and 3.40 (± 0.79) mm, respectively. The common hepatic ducts had an average of 30.02 (± 7.19) mm in length and 3.74 (± 1.18) mm in diameter. The analyzedsamples presented different values ??from those already described in the literature, where the length of the cystic ducts was greater, while the length of the common hepatic ducts was numerically smaller. This work is very significant, as the morphometric variability of the bile ducts allows for varying morphological situations that can compromise the hepatobiliar physiology.

KEY WORDS: Extrahepatic Bile Duct; Hepatic Hilum; Cystic Duct. Biliary Ducts.

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CONCEIÇÃO, D. C. S.; GONÇALVES, G. R.; SCABORA, J. E.; OLIVEIRA, K. M.; MALDONADO, D. C.; DA SILVA, M. C. P. & GRECCO, L. H. Morphometric study of extra-hepatic biliary pathways - study in human corpses. Int. J. Morphol., 40(1):228-232, 2022.