A Guideline for Femoral Nerve Block With the Age-Related Formulas Obtained From the Distances Between the Femoral Nerve and Surface Anatomical Landmarks in Fetal Cadavers

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Emine Cihan; Mustafa Buyukmumcu; Anil Didem Aydin Kabakcı; Duygu Akın & Sule Gungorer


The femoral nerve (FN) is used for nerve block in many surgeries and provides effective postoperative analgesics in the pediatric population. However, although there are sufficient anatomical maps and signs for femoral nerve blockades in adults, there is not enough information for the pediatric group. Therefore, in our study, we tried to determine an effective area for safe block blocking with the help of bone structures in order to perform effective blockade in younger age groups. The study was conducted on 60 lower limbs. The exit point of the FN was identified. The measurements were examined in two regards, namely the level of the FN and the relationship of the FN with the surrounding structures. For the right and left sides, all the parameters showed increases with age. A significant relationship was found between all the parameters of the fetal cadavers (p<0.01). It was determined that there was a strong correlation between all parameters related to FN and surrounding bone structures (p<0.01).Sex was not found to be significantly related to the other parameters (p<0.05 Among all the fetal cadavers, high-level division was observed in six limbs (10 %), mid-level division in 33 limbs (55 %), and lower-level division in 21 limbs (35 %). Gestational age-based regression equations from my study showed that the site of the blockage could be effectively performed with the aid of palpable bone structures from the outside without the need for technical assistance.

KEY WORDS: Femoral nerve; Regional anesthesia; Guideline; Infant; Variation; Microdissection.

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CIHAN, E.; BUYUKMUMCU, M.; AYDIN KABAKCI, A. D.; AKIN, D. & GUNGORER, S. A guideline for femoral nerve block with the age-related formulas obtained fromthe distances between the femoral nerve and surface anatomical landmarks in fetal cadavers. Int J. Morphol., 40(1):62-67, 2022.