Marein Regulates Insulin Resistance in Diabetic Nephropathy Mice by Inducing Autophagy

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Tian Li; Zulipiya Abula; Kedireya kadier; Yanli Guo; Lifeng Wang; Yongwei Zhang; Zheng Ran; Zhipeng Song; Fang Zhang & Xinmin Mao


Marein is the main active substance of Coreopsis tinctoria nutt. It not only has anti-oxidation and anti-tumor effects, but also can lower blood lipid, prevent high blood glucose, improve insulin resistance, inhibit gluconeogenesis and promote glycogen synthesis. However, the exact mechanism of its action is still unclear. Here, we explored the effect and mechanism of Marein on insulin resistance. The mice were divided into db/m, db/db, metformin+db/db, and marein+db/db groups. The body weight and kidney weight were recorded. Serum biochemical and renal function tests were measured after 8 weeks of continuous administration. Kidney tissues were subjected to HE staining, PAS staining, and Masson staining. The effect of marein on PI3K/Akt signal and autophagy pathway was detected by Western blot. After 8 weeks of Marein intervention, the body weight and kidney weight of mice did not change significantly, but the fasting blood glucose and blood lipid levels were significantly reduced than db/db group. Marein significantly improved the insulin resistance index, increased serum adiponectin and improved glucose and lipid metabolism disorders of db/db mice. Moreover, marein improved the basement membrane thickness of glomeruli and tubules, improved glomerular sclerosis and tubular fibrosis, as well as renal insufficiency, thereby protecting kidney function and delaying the pathological damage. Furthermore, marein increased the expression of PI3K and the phosphorylation of Akt/Akt (Ser473), and promoted the expression of LC3II/I, Beclin1 and ATG5. Additionally, it promoted the expression of FGFR1 in the kidney of db/db mice, and promoted the increase of serum FGF21 and FGF23. Marein has a protective effect on the kidneys of diabetic mice. It protects diabetic nephropathy by regulating the IRS1/PI3K/Akt signaling pathway to improve insulin resistance. Therefore, marein may be an insulin sensitizer.

KEY WORDS: Marein; Insulin resistance; Diabetic nephropathy; Autophagy.

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LI, T.; ABULA, Z.; KADIER, K.; GUO, Y.; WANG, L.; ZHANG, Y.; RAN, Z.; SONG, Z.; ZHANG, F. & MAO, X. Marein regulates insulin resistance in diabetic nephropathy mice by inducing autophagy. Int. J. Morphol., 39(6):1635-1645, 2021.