Trends in Body Height, Body Weight, BMI, and Nutrition Status from 1979 to 1987: A Measurement-Based Analysis of 10,954 Male Adolescents from the Municipality of Bijelo Polje

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Bojan Masanovic; Dusko Bjelica; Zoran Milosevic; Marin Corluka & Jovan Garasevic


This study aimed to consolidate data regarding body height, body weight, body mass index, and nutrition status of the entire young male population from the Municipality of Bijelo Polje in order to estimate trends from 1979 to 1987. The sample of respondents includes 10,954 young males divided into nine groups. The measurement sample includes body height, body weight, and body mass index based on two previous measures. The descriptive statistics were expressed as a mean and standard deviation for each variable, while the analysis of nutrition status was done based on body mass index (underweight, normal weight, pre-obese, obese). The results showed that a secular trend in the observed study period is not visible regarding body height, body weight, and body mass index. The contribution of this study is reflected in the fact that there were no previously published data for this period and this municipality; the data can significantly aid in monitoring the secular trends throughout Montenegro.

KEY WORDS: Morphological characteristics; Secular trend; Young males; Montenegro.

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MASANOVIC, B.; BJELICA, D.; MILOSEVIC, Z.; CORLUKA, M. & GARASEVIC, J. Trends in body height, body weight, bmi, and nutrition status from 1979 to 1987: A measurement-based analysis of 10,954 male adolescents from the municipality of Bijelo Polje. Int. J. Morphol., 39(4):1036-1041, 2021.