Morphometry and Biotype of Male Soccer Players Categories Under 15 and Under 16 from a Sports School

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Omar Espinoza Navarro; Jaime Silva Rojas; Nelson Mallea San Román & Leonidas Brito Hernández


In youth sports categories, morphological and biotypological parameters are difficult to determine since it is complex to separate the changes inherent to sports training from those associated with growth and maturation. The objective of this research was to establish anthropometric characteristics and somatotypic profiles of adolescent Chilean male soccer players from a sports training school. The sample consisted of 23 young people under 15 and 30 young people under 16. Weight (kg), height (cm), six skin folds, two diameters and five perimeters were recorded. The muscle mass index (BMI) was calculated according to the Quetelet formula. The fractionation of body mass was estimated according to fat mass (FM), muscle mass (MM), residual mass (RM), and bone mass (BM). The somatotype was described using the Heath & Carter method. The data were analyzed statistically for central tendency, percentages and significance according to the t test (p <0.05). The results show anthropometric and biotypological patterns without significant differences between the two categories.

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ESPINOZA, N. O.; SILVA, R. J.; MALLEA, R. N. & BRITO, H. L. Morphometry and biotype of male soccer players categories under 15 and under 16 from a sports school. Int. J. Morphol., 39(3):710-715, 2021.