Analysis of Terms Used in Scientific Literature Referred to Extracapsular Ligaments of the Temporomandibular Joint. Part II: Ligamentum stylomandibulare and Raphe pterymandibulare

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Ramón Fuentes; Nicolás Ottone; Mario Cantin & Cristina Bucchi


The Anatomical Terminology (TAI) is the result of centuries of scientific work to unify the terms referring to the anatomical structures of the human body and facilitate communication between the scientific community. However, its use in the literature has not been fully implemented. The objective of this research was to analyze the literature regarding the correct implementation of the terms relating to stylomandibular ligament and pterigomandibular raphe. A review was performed in anatomy text books and scientific articles. Differences in the terms used were found to describe both pterigomandibular ligament and stylomandibular raphe, and also to describe structures that serve as origin and insertion of these, when compared with the terms established by the TAI in Latin, English and Spanish.

KEY WORDS: Stylomandibular Ligament; Pterigomandibular Ligament; Raphe pterigomandibular; Anatomical Terminology.

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FUENTES, R.; OTTONE, N.; CANTIN, M. & BUCCHI, C. Analysis of terms used in scientific literature referred to extracapsular ligaments of the temporomandibular joint. Part II: Ligamentum stylomandibulare and Raphe pterymandibulare. Int. J. Morphol., 32(4):1289-1295, 2014.