Morphometric Features of the Knee Menisci in Magnetic Resonance Images of Colombian Female

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Lessby Gómez; Carlos A. Diaz & Gloria Patricia Baena-Caldas


The elderly female population usually presents damage to the articular discs or menisci of the knee (ADK), generally derived from degenerative cartilage processes that occur in osteoarthritis. Knowing the standard morphological patterns of ADKs in a specific demographic population allows clarity of the indigenous characteristics of that population. One way to characterize these patterns is through the design of Finite Element Models (FEM) that would enable predicting clinical and radiological abnormalities. So far, there is little evidence on the morphometric characteristics of ADKs in the Colombian population. Thus, the objective of the present study was to describe the morphometry of ADK in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of healthy Colombian women. In this study, 25 MRIs of the knee of Colombian women with normal weight were taken, with no history of knee pathology, trauma, or surgery, and with ages between 18 and 60 years. The analysis of the width of the posterior horn of the medial ADK (12.73 ± 2.42) compared to the lateral (8.04 ± 1.52) showed a statistically significant difference (p <0.05). On the other hand, the medial ADK presented an increased anteroposterior diameter (38.52 ± 2.71) compared to that of the lateral ADK (29.18 ± 2.75) close to statistical significance (p = 0.051). Similarly, the height of the anterior horn was found to be increased in the medial ADK (4.42 ± 0.79) compared to the lateral (3.66 ± 0.76), with a trend towards statistical significance (p = 0.063). Anatomically, it is recognized that the medial and lateral ADK adapt to the shape and size of the femoral condyles, which is in agreement with the results of the studied population where measurements show that medial ADK has a longer (anterior to poste- rior diameter) and a shorter height than the lateral ADK.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Articular discs; Menisci; Knee; Magnetic Resonance imaging.

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GÓMEZ, L.; DIAZ, C. A. & BAENA-CALDAS, G. P. Morphometric features of the knee menisci in magnetic resonance images of Colombian female. Int. J. Morphol. 39(1):32-37, 2021.